Are you stuck in a cycle of self-doubt? Do you downplay your accomplishments and shy away from recognition? Are you challenged with not speaking up during important moments, not advocating for yourself, or not stepping out of your comfort zone?

You're not alone. Many talented professionals face these struggles, leading to frustration and a sense of unworthiness.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Introducing the Goodbye Imposter Syndrome Course! An empowering journey designed to help you break free from self-doubt and step into your full potential.



THE GOODBYE IMPOSTER SYNDROME COURSE gives you all of the tools you need to tackle persistent self-doubt, overcome the fear of failure, advocate for what you want, trust your decision-making, break free from the trap of perfectionism, and to confidently step out of your comfort zone and live the life you desire.



Tackle Persistent Self-Doubt. 

You trust and believe in your skills, capabilities, and worth. You will no longer feel like a fraud but feel aligned to your strengths and empowered that you are 'good enough'. You will focus on your growth and development instead of your weaknesses. You will silence your Inner Critic and stop questioning your worth.

Overcome the Fear of Failure

You will embrace uncertainty and step out of your comfort zone. You will no longer hide or hold yourself back. You will no longer respond to the fear of being seen, standing out from the crowd, or the potential judgement of others. You will lead and live your life to its fullest.

Break the Cycle of Perfectionism.

You will no longer be stuck in overdrive trying to meet an impossibly high standard. Instead, you will trust that less than perfect can still lead to a well-lived life. You will let go of micromanaging others and instead trust and empower them. You will stop overworking and living in burnout.

Accept and Celebrate Your Successes.

You will stop the bad habit of achieving goals and then moving the goal post before acknowledging your efforts and progress. You will celebrate your wins, small and big, and focus on your growth and potential.

What You Will Learn:

In this 6-module course, guided by Executive Coach Phyllis Reagin, you will discover a powerful way to break free from Imposter Syndrome using our unique Transformative Cycle of Empowerment (TCE) method.

Here's what you will learn...

  • Understand Your Triggers: Dive deep into identifying the roots of your Imposter Syndrome. Understanding your triggers will help you anticipate and prepare for self-doubt and low confident moments.
  • Identify Your Imposter Type: Learn about the different types of Imposter Syndrome and which one you primarily experience. Discover strategies to deactivate your type and to be more empowered and confident in your thinking, decision-making, collaboration, leading others, and learning process.
  • Manifestations and Management: Recognize how Imposter Syndrome shows up in your life and discover effective ways to manage it. These strategies will help you feel confident in your strengths, your decision-making, how you communicate with others, effectively manage uncertainty and challenges, and to ask for what you need and want in your life.
  • Strategies for Transformation: Master powerful techniques to overcome the Imposter Syndrome mindset. Learn how to identify 'Imposter Syndrome thinking' and how to reframe these thoughts to more empowered and helpful thoughts.
  • Emotional Grounding: Cultivate productive emotions to help you push past fear and self-doubt. Discover how to stop reacting to emotional impulses, leading to a stable emotional state.
  • Perspective Shifting: Reframe your experiences, how you view yourself and change your perspective of your growth areas. Learn to change irrational perspectives to rational perspectives. allowing you to move out of fear, dread, catastrophizing, and doubt.
  • Bold New Actions: Discover strategies that will empower you to take actions that Imposter Syndrome once prevented. Learn techniques rooted in neuroscience that helps you to move forward with your goals and dreams.

Invest in YOU! Investing today may seem costly, but the future value is priceless.

When was the last time you prioritized yourself? You can't wish Imposter Syndrome away or ignore it. It will continue to disempower you and minimize your life and the impact you want to make.

Take control of your life and learn the strategies that will improve your confidence. Start living a life where you show up fully, use your voice in powerful and important ways, and move away from your fears so that you make a positive difference with your life.

The Goodbye Imposter Syndrome Course Costs You Only: $396! That just a little over a dollar a day toward you having the life you desire.

This is your time to make a real difference in your mindset and to say 'goodbye' to strife, uneasiness, and self-limitations. Do this for the 'You" you really want to be.

Let’s Clear Up Any Doubts!

We get it—committing to a course can feel like a big decision, and you might have some reservations.

Let’s address those head-on.

“This course is too expensive.” But here’s the deal: investing in yourself is one of the best decisions you can make. Imagine the confidence you will gain, the opportunities you will unlock, and the personal growth you will experience. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome can lead to promotions, better job prospects, and a happier, more fulfilling life. Today's cost is an investment in tomorrow's future.

“I don’t have enough time for the course,” We hear you. Life is busy, but that’s why we’ve designed this course to be flexible. You can learn at your own pace, with short, impactful modules that fit into your schedule. Whether it’s 10 minutes during your lunch break or an hour on the weekend, you’ll find it easy to make progress.

“I’ve tried other courses, and they didn’t help improve my Imposter Syndrome." This isn’t just any course. Our strategies are backed by psychological research and real-world success stories. We have distilled proven techniques into practical steps that you can apply immediately. This course is designed for lasting change, not just temporary relief.

“I can figure it out on my own.” Sure, you can try, but structured guidance can make a world of difference. Our course provides a clear path and support to accelerate your progress. Why go it alone when you can have expert advice?

“I can push through Imposter Syndrome,” Let’s be real. Pushing through might work for a while, but it’s not sustainable. Our course offers strategies for lasting change, so you don’t have to struggle anymore. Imagine feeling confident and self-assured every day.

“Is Imposter Syndrome even real?” Absolutely. It’s a well-documented phenomenon affecting many individuals. Our course equips you with practical tools to combat it. You’ll understand why you feel the way you do, what activates your Imposter Syndrome, and how to overcome it.

“Is Phyllis Reagin really an Imposter Syndrome expert?” Absolutely. Phyllis is an accomplished Executive Coach with 10+ years of experience helping high achievers overcome Imposter Syndrome. She has coached thousands of individuals to move past self-doubt and to become more confident. Phyllis has graduate degrees in Psychology and specialized training in Neuropsychology. Her expertise and passion for empowering individuals have transformed countless lives. You’re in capable hands.


  • Leaders of all levels looking to boost their confidence and who want to show up as the leader others want to follow.
  • Professionals grappling with Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt and who are experiencing the negative side effects.
  • Individuals who desire to make an impact with their lives but are held back by self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-limiting beliefs.
  • Anyone ready to shed the limitations holding them back and embrace their true potential.




“I tried helping myself by reading Imposter Syndrome books and watching a few free courses but my Imposter Syndrome wasn't improving. Then I signed up for the Goodbye Imposter Syndrome course and noticed a BIG shift with my mindset and confidence!"

Kimberly G., VP of Marketing for a social media company 

“I have always been challenged with Imposter Syndrome. I had a hard time speaking up when it really mattered and felt like I wasn't projecting real leadership. I purchased this course and immediately noticed a difference. I was catching my self-limiting thoughts and reframing them quickly. I could recognize which thoughts were Thinking Traps and how to move past them. I highly recommend this course!"

Maya D., Executive Producer




Hi, I’m Executive Coach Phyllis Reagin. I am a former leader with Warner Bros. Entertainment with a deep understanding of the nuances of leading with confidence so that others want to follow you. I’ve been coaching high-achievers for the past 12 years. My clients work at some of the world's leading companies such as ABC, Amazon MGM Studios, Apple, ViacomCBS, Google, Linkedin, Meta, Netflix, NBCUniversal Media, Sony Pictures, Spotify, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Warner Music. I have a front row seat to how Imposter Syndrome negatively impacts my clients...including mid-level professionals, senior leaders, TV/Film Production Heads, media executives, and creatives. I have helped my clients transform their self-limiting beliefs into empowered thinking and action!

I am the go-to Executive Coach for leaders that want to improve their confidence, minimize Imposter Syndrome, banish self-doubt, and to be the leader others want to follow. I created the Goodbye Imposter Course and Masterclass based on the strategies that have helped my clients show up as confident and ready to make the impact they desire. I developed this course from not only my extensive work as an Executive Coach but also based on applying my graduate degrees in Psychology, specialized training in Neuropsychology, and extensive research on Imposter Syndrome.

Now I Want to Help You!


There’s no better time to move past self-doubt and to be an empowered person who makes the impact that you dream of. Don’t put your life on hold. You deserve to stop limiting yourself, to move out of a fear-based life, and to be your fully authentic self!